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Fall Colors: Experience Autumn at our Treetop Zip Line in Durango

a man standing next to a tree in a forest

Come experience autumn at our Treetop Zip line in Durango. Though it’s the Northeast that’s famous for fall foliage, Colorado also has striking colors to offer. Residents and visitors alike are gearing up for the changing leaves. Most trees in the area are evergreens. Of course, these will not lose their needles in preparation for the upcoming winter. Cottonwoods and Aspens are the two deciduous trees native to the area. Because Cottonwoods require a significant amount of water, they follow rivers and streams. These magnificent trees accent our strikingly clear rivers. Their leaves have already begun turning a brilliant yellow. Walking along the rivers this time of year, one it struck by the vibrancy of the leaves and the turquoise water alike. Aspens grow in clumps called groves and can turn any color along a spectrum from yellow to red. Large swaths of mountainside will seem to pop with these vivid shades.

Appreciating Autumn

Certain activities in the area allow you to best appreciate the season. Whether you’re a photographer hoping to capture the colors or just trying to soak it all in, the area has much to offer. Summer monsoons have now passed. Most days boast weather that’s near perfect without a cloud in the sky and highs in the 70’s. Visitors and locals often drive over Red Mountain pass to enjoy the Aspens. The pass takes you into Ouray along 550, often called the Million Dollar Highway. On September 29th and 30th the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad will host its annual Fall Photo Train. Amateurs and professionals alike will ride the train from Durango to Silverton to capture the fall foliage. This time of year, the stunning ride includes vibrant colors with majestic snowy peaks in the background.

Along along the railroad, you’ll also find our world’s largest zip line course. Fall is the best time to experience Aspen Alley, our span that cuts through an Aspen grove. Aspen Alley is a Treetop zip line in durangoguest favorite with beautiful aspens flying by you on either side. In the autumn brilliance, this span becomes even more breathtaking. Don’t miss these vivid colors. Every weekend in September is buy one get one half off. Book online or call us today at 970 769 2357.