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The History Behind Soaring: Throwback Thursday Discount

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a group of people sitting at a table in front of a buildingSoaring Tree Top Adventures is paying homage to our roots with a Throwback Thursday celebration this summer.  We are offering a great discount every Thursday, reducing our rate by $150 per person!

Time and time again, many are in awe of how spectacular of a location our Colorado zip line adventure is in.  The property, nestled inside the Animas River valley, was the home to a preeminent 5-star mountain resort, Tall Timber. Founded in 1969, the resort prided itself on first class service and an unforgettable mountain experience. Soaring was founded on these same ideals, and we strive everyday to continue this mission.  I’d like to give some history of Soaring’s predecessor, so guests can know where our zip line came from and more information about the historic property.


Situated on 180 private acres, the property was founded by Denny and Judy Beggrow. Tall Timber Resort became one of the most luxurious resorts in the country by giving their guests an unforgettable experience, and with a focus of anticipating and exceeding guests’ needs. The guest experience and level of service was always paramount to Tall Timber. Activities included helicopter picnics, day-long horseback rides, fly fishing, a sauna, spa, indoor/outdoor pool, 14,000 volume library, and world class dining. Tall Timber received 5 diamond/ Mobil 5-star ratings for over 40 years.

The zip line activity that is today known as Soaring Tree Top Adventures was initially an add-on eco-excursion for Tall Timber guests.  Resort guests could choose to participate in the zip line adventure during the day, or even more thrilling, go night Soaring amongst the soft lighting in the trees.  Eventually, Tall Timber turned into the first zip line location in the United States, offering the largest zip line course in the country.

Today Soaring has carried on tha close up of a wooded areais tradition by capitalizing on its history of remarkable service. As you can see here,  Soaring has been constantly ranked as one of the best attractions in the Durango area and around the country, receiving high marks on all aspects of the Soaring adventure including hospitality, food, and most important of all, fun!! While Tall Timber is gone, its history and values continue to live on! If you would like to book a tour and take advantage of one of the best things to do in Durango, click here to Soar among the trees.

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