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Durango Adventure Tours: Zip line over the Animas River

a man riding a wave on top of a body of water

Every year people come to Southwest Colorado for Durango adventure tours. This could be deep underground during one of the area’s old mine tours. It could be close to the clouds as you jeep over rugged mountain passes that are 10,000 feet or more above sea level. Also, adventures in the area often include the mighty Animas River.

Animas River

Adventures on the Animas River

Nearly everyone that visits Durango rafts the lower section of the river, which goes right through town. This is certainly the mellower section of the river. All of Durango’s rafting companies offer trips down the Lower Animas but we’re especially fond of Durango River Trippers. Even this part of the river does include one section of exhilarating rapids, referred to as Smelter. The city ramped up the rapids this year by adding boulders to create a water sports play park. Smelter gets its name from the old silver smelting plant that was located nearby during the town’s early days. When rafting the Lower Animas participants have the option to walk on the shoreline past Smelter. This option allows everyone, from the most adventurous to the most timid, to have a great time! The upper section of the river is a different story. Only the biggest thrill seekers run this part. Guides must boast expertise and participants should be strong swimmers as they will encounter Class V rapids.

Flowing right through town, the Animas River is a defining part Durango. Visitors and locals alike enjoy walking or biking on the paved River Trail. The headwaters of the Animas are located 40 miles north in Silverton. The river starts small and milky white from sediments in the ghost mining town of Animas Forks. The river then flows majestically by nearby mountains and through the valley that connects Silverton and Durango. This valley is also home to the historic Durango Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad.

Zip line over the Animas

Though riding the historic steam train to Silverton is an adventure in itself, it is also the only way to access other tours. The upper section of the Animas can only be accessed by the railroad. For those looking for an adventure for all ages our world’s largest zip line course is located halfway up the tracks. Zip line over the Animas River Here at Soaring Treetop Adventures, we provide one of the most unique Durango adventure tours. Our tour includes riding on the Narrow Gauge Railroad and 27 zip line spans nestled in the beautiful Ponderosa Pine forest. During the second half of our course you’ll get to soar over the Animas River not once or twice but ten times! Come Soaring to end your summer with an experience like no other! Call us at 970 769 2357 or book online today.