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Train and Soaring: Two Adventures in One!

a steam engine train traveling down train tracks near a forest

Every day at Soaring Tree Top Adventures begins with a leap back intoDSC_0112 the past with a ride on the historic Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad. The railroad first opened in 1882 during the mining boom in the American West, functions today as a year-round tourism business. Guests to Soaring ride the restored locomotive from Durango to the property of Tall Timber Resort where the zipline adventure resides halfway between Durango and Silverton. The train tracks plunge straight into the heart of the San Juan National Forest, exploring rugged cliffs, dramatic mountainsides, and a vibrant forest. As the train winds north, it follows the swift Animas River through the narrow valley. Soaring guests enjoy exceptional views from seats on our private first-class train cars. Come during the summer months to experience a ride on the brand new Knight Sky, an open-air gondola car that provides a stellar panoramic view of the valley and river. Soaring is the perfect combination of two unique adventures with the historic train and the innovative zipline canopy tour.

After enjoying a relaxing morning on the train while absorbing the untouched beauty of the San Juans, our Soaring guests arrive for 5 1/2 hours of high-energy, exhilarating ziplines. Our canopy tour, the longest zipline course in the world, travels over both land and water. Highlight spans such as Aspen Alley, the Switchbacks, and the Catapult maintain the fresh adventure all day long. As the day progresses, the spans get longer and longer, culminating in our famous 1400-foot-long span that bring you to speeds close to 40 miles per hour and that takes almost a minute to complete. After a full day of Soaring, the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad returns to take you home to Durango, traversing back through the scenic valley. Step back into history with us and explore the hidden wonders in our treasured mountain hideaway!

Green LeafEco Insight: If you have a grass lawn, water it in the evenings. Not only will the grass absorb more of the water since the sun will not evaporate it as quickly, but the electricity needed to run your sprinkler will be less expensive in the evening. Also, make sure to adjust the amount of water your sprinklers emit based on the time of year. Lawns need much less water in the cooler months than in the summer.