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A Close Brush With Nature

a man standing next to a tree

With 27 unique, breathtaking zipline spans, Soaring Tree Top Adventures provides an experience for people of all interests. Jaw-dropping nature-scapes and exhilarating speeds on the world’s longest zipline course offer countless possibilities for all ages. Some guests love our 1400-foot-long span the best because of its breathtaking views and invigorating speeds, while others love to challenge friends and family on our newest addition to the Soaring course- our racing spans. For the nature-lovers at heart, our span through Aspen Alley definitely tops the list. Aspen Alley runs through a beautiful grove full of Quaking Aspen trees. The branches on these trees have flat stems that catch the breeze, making them appear to be constantly quaking. Racing down the line, countless aspens pass by within inches of your blood-pumping ride. The rushing wind and murmuring leaves urge you forward as you experience all 420 feet through the aspens. As you soar between the magnificent white-barked trees, keep an eye out for wildlife creatures that inhabit the grove.


Located in an old-growth Ponderosa Pine forest, Soaring is an excellent vacation for anyone who appreciates nature and wants to spend a day in one of the few remaining old-growth forests in the country. As the top zipline course in the world, Soaring offers a unique, 5-star, adrenaline-pumping experience in a pristine mountain environment. At Soaring Canopy Tours, you will drink crystal-clear spring water freshly pumped straight from the mountain, dine on a four course lunch overlooking the mighty Animas River, and soar amongst 300 year old trees that are home to many animals. Soaring, located just outside of Durango, Colorado, is a must-do on your family vacation.

Green LeafEco Insight: Keep a bird feeder in your backyard, along with binoculars and a bird guide in your house. That way, you’re ready to identify and learn about different birds when they stop by your house!