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Memories to Last a Lifetime

a man and a woman taking a selfie in a forest

There’s nothing more memorable than enjoying an excitingDSC_0497 yet relaxing vacation with family. Vacations are the perfect time to explore fresh places, discover new interests, and grow closer with one another. Soaring Tree Top Adventures, as Durango’s top attraction and America’s best zipline, is a wonderful experience that you will remember for the rest of your life. With breathtaking views of the gorgeous Ponderosa Pine canopy and the majestic valley below, you’ll never forget your time Soaring through the trees and over the Animas River. An experience as unique as Soaring Canopy Tours provides adrenaline-pumping thrills, an informative ecology tour, and a four course gourmet lunch overhanging the mighty river.

More than anything else, our guests tell us that what they remember most is the attentive service and warm family atmosphere we provide them here at Soaring Tree Top Adventures. Just last week we welcomed a guest with early onset Alzheimer’s into our canopy tour along with her son. Thoroughly documenting the entire trip, their visit to Soaring through the Wish of a Lifetime foundation was one last chance for a mother and son to share in a family vacation together and make memories they could look back on in years to come. We were so pleased to welcome them into our home and provide them with such a powerful and poignant experience. When booking your next family vacation, consider joining us here in the beautiful San Juan Mountains to share in an experience that will last a lifetime! We look forward to making memories with you.

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