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Soaring’s Tree-Hugging, Eco-Friendly Course

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DSC_0544As the top rated zipline in the country, Soaring Tree Top Adventures has many features that make it a unique Colorado attraction. Not only does it offer the country’s longest and highest zipline, your day contains several insurmountable components to create an unforgettable experience. From the four-course gourmet lunch to the engaging and experienced staff, we ensure that our guests’ every needs are met. We take pride in ensuring a five star visit for each guest and creating memories that will continue to bring a smile to your face for years to come. Beyond our attention to service and hospitality, our Soaring experience with its no-braking formula and patented platform system make us a unique experience in the ziplining industry. At Soaring, we are incredibly proud of our eco-friendly, patented tree-hugging system. Our course is located in an old-growth Ponderosa Pine forest, one of very few left in the world. Unlike other zipline courses that drill holes into the trees on their canopy tour, our system never uses any invasive techniques on the historic giants. Each Soaring platform uses cable tension in our suspension system to stabilize and secure the platform, essentially “hugging” the tree. The platforms become stronger the more weight that is placed upon them; conversely, when every guest has left the platform, the tree is released from the tension and can continue to grow and expand. Because we never drill holes into our trees, our system ensures that these Ponderosa pines will continue to grow and mature, hardly even feeling our presence.

Our patented tree-hugging system is just one of the few ways that we at Soaring assure that we maintain a clean and healthy forest for generations to come. For every guest that visits us at Soaring Tree Top Adventures, a portion of each ticket is donated the Durango Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. Recently, these donations helped build and open a bird sanctuary right here in the gorgeous San Juan Mountains! In addition, every guest receives a reusable, metal water bottle as part of their Soaring experience that not only makes a great souvenir, but also is a great way to reduce excessive waste. A trip to Soaring is more than just a vacation; it’s an experience through an ancient forest that helps us all learn to appreciate the natural beauty around us.

Green LeafEco Insight: Refillable water bottles are a great way to help out the environment. Not only do they conserve resources and energy, they also save money as well! Keep a few on hand to be ready for any car ride, soccer game, or family excursion.