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An Adventure for All Generations

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DSC_0257 (2)Summer is in full swing and here at Soaring Tree Top Adventures we welcome each day with gorgeous sunshine and refreshing showers. Our 2013 season has brought several highlights thus far: we welcomed our most veteran guest to date at 93 years old, experienced a record-breaking day of 93 guests, and celebrated the Fourth of July with flags and sparklers! But our favorite part of the Soaring experience is watching families come together to enjoy a once in a lifetime adventure with each other. With our patented no-breaking formula, each and every guest that soars with us comes into the receiving platforms from our cables at the exact same rate. While most other zipline courses use a self breaking system, Soaring Canopy Tours enables guests of all ages and abilities to soar at complete ease, totally hands-free. This unique feature allows us to welcome anyone who desires to experience Soaring to join us for an action-packed day. As a result, many of our guests come in large family groups, from grandparents to young children. Soaring truly is the ultimate family vacation.

Here at Soaring, we believe in providing a family-friendly, inclusive experience. Our business is still family-run, and has been since its creation more than forty years ago. After opening Tall Timber Resort on our 180-acre property in the early 1970s, Denny Beggrow concurrently ran the five-star five-diamond resort and raised his family right in the center of the San Juan National Forest. In later years, his son Johnroy provided the engineering innovation and expertise to develop the Soaring course that attracts so many guests here today. The entire Beggrow family, including Denny’s young granddaughter, still lives and works here, managing the Soaring business as the next step in the evolution of Tall Timber Resort. Their commitment to the family business revolves around their desire to share the incredible Soaring experience with other families as an agent to bring generations together.

Soaring Tree Top Adventures is the perfect family excursion into the wild beauty of the San Juan National Forest. As the longest and safest zipline course in the world, Soaring ranks among the top attractions in all of America. Our 27 unique spans traverse through the vibrant forest canopy and stretch over the bubbling Animas River. Rushing through the trees, you’ll catch glimpses of the forest wildlife and the beautiful plants that nourish them. But your day isn’t complete without a ride on the historic Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad. Our property is so isolated that all of our guests must ride the restored steam locomotive to reach us. With views beyond compare and a gourmet lunch in the trees, your adventure will keep you engaged and awestruck the entire day long. If you are looking to come enjoy a family vacation in Colorado, look no further. Come Soar with us!

Green LeafEco Insight: Enjoy the outdoors by going on a day hike with your family. Before heading out, make sure to pack a day pack including enough water for the day, some snacks, and a first aid kit. Make sure to stay on the trail and let someone in town know where you will be hiking. Pack out everything you’ve brought with you to reduce your impact on the environment. Happy Hiking!