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Racing Through the Pines!

a person standing next to a wire fence

Soaring Tree Top Adventures offers a variety of thrilling andDSC_0460 unique ziplines sure to please the whole family. One of our most innovative sections and the newest part of our Soaring course is the race near the end of the day. Created in 2011, the race consists of two parallel cables that each stretch over 600 feet, making them the second longest spans on our course. Test your speed as you and your partner vie for the title of “racing champion.” With the wind rushing through your hair as you move at speeds over 25 miles per hour, there is nothing that beats a little friendly competition between friends and family. In addition, your flight down the cable skims close to the forest floor, providing an intimate connection with the wildlife below on the forest floor. But try not to get too distracted; you’ll be practicing all day long to have the edge up on your opponent!

Soaring Canopy Tours is a day-long experience with many exceptional features. In addition to our racing spans, other unique ziplines include the breathtakingly beautiful Aspen Alley, which traverses a living aspen grove; the Switchbacks, a series of three cables vertically zigzagging between two trees, giving you a chance to soar above and below your friends and family; and the 1400-foot-long span that marks the peak of our adrenaline-pumping experience. As a part of your day, you will also enjoy a ride on the historic Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad as the only way to access our property. Once here at Soaring, enjoy a four course lunch on a platform overlooking the crashing Animas River before returning to your journey through the world’s largest zipline course. With such an action-packed day full of excitement, we assure that people of all ages will treasure their experience here at Soaring Tree Top Adventures.

Green LeafEco Insight: Instead of throwing old towels and sheets away, hang on to them to use for various projects around the house. You can cut them into squares to use as rags, throw them in the car for emergency situations, or use them to cover and protect plants at night during a freeze. If they are still in useable shape, you can always consider donating these items to a secondhand store for others to utilize.