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Soaring: A Family Affair

Our season here at Soaring has finally come to an end. Winter is just around the corner, and as we are making our preparations for next year, we started looking back at what a fantastic season we have had. Families from across the nation came to our corner of paradise in the San Juan mountains and decided to spend their vacation at our Durango zip line. We believe Soaring zipline adventures is the best family vacation activity in the Durango area. Many people may be dissuaded with the notion of ziplining for a multigenerational family vacation, but in actuality, it is one of the best things to do in Durango.

Half of our course consists of spans that go from platform to platform, which excludes the need to hike. This allows people of all activity levels to experience Soaring. We’ve had guests from ages 4 to 94 zipline with us. As well, our patented self-braking technology allows guests ease of mind with forgoing the need brake themselves. Our Sky Rangers guides will be with you every step of the way and send and receive guests on every platform. Multigenerational families have the opportunity to bring everyone on our all-day adventure. Even if ziplining isn’t your forte, we are located on 180 acres in the San Juan Nationala man flying a kite in a forest Forest, and we welcome day guests to come and explore our property.  Day guests can follow their group and watch them traverse the trees, and they can relax by the river or spend the day however they would like.

Where else can you experience a day full of thrilling excitement that your whole family will be able to enjoy? That’s why we are giving love to our Soaring families. From now until December 31st, we are giving families a deal that they cannot pass up. We are introducing our Buy One Get One 70% off for our guests who are ready to plan ahead and book their experience for their 2022 Colorado vacation. We hope to see your family soon! Call us at (970) 769-2357 or book online.