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Fall Foliage at Durango’s Best Zipline Course

It’s that time of year, kids are back in a group of people standing next to a tree in a forestschool, and life has settled down as the summer wanes on. The air is getting cooler, and Autumn is around the corner. One of the cornerstones of the Autumnal season is the beautiful fall foliage. During this time of year, trees go into a deep sleep, where winter is right around the corner. One of nature’s most spectacular productions is the foliage from Aspen Groves.

Leaf peeping is a must-do bucket list item as far as things to do in Durango. The Durango area is home to a number of Aspen Groves; with each grove being one living organism. Each Aspen tree is interconnected from an extensive underground root system. Even before an Aspen trunk appears, its roots may lay dormant for many years. Hence, each grove is in constant communication and decides at one time when to change its leaves for the Fall season. Simultaneously, these trees change color, giving way to brilliant yellow, gold, orange, or slightly red hues. This spectacular event usually happens in Durango, Colorado around the last two weeks in September and the first week of October.


a tree in a forest

There is no better place to view this magnificent showcase that Mother Nature offers us than at Soaring Tree Top Adventures. Located deep in the heart of the San Juan Forest, ziplining through these colorful trees is a must-see attraction in the Durango area. With 27 spans and several additional unique features, Soaring is the world’s leading adventure course. One of our most famous treetop zipline spans, called Aspen Alley, takes you through the heart of an Aspen grove. You will Soar through this bewildering display of color and get to see the beauty up-close.  Furthermore, our course is very accessible to all ages and abilities. Unlike many other courses that require extensive physicality to control speed, Soaring uses a patented non-breaking formula that ensures a perfect Soar on every span. For this reason, there is no need to wear a helmet or gloves when at this unique Colorado zipline adventure. We are proud to say that guests as young as three and as old as 94 have enjoyed their tree top adventure – it truly is an experience for all generations! If you want to enjoy the fall colors and desire to throw some excitement into the equation, spend a day with us at our Durango zipline this fall and experience Soaring for yourself.

a person standing next to a tree