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The Benefits of Ziplining


a group of people in a forestWhile we have talked to you before about the most common benefit of Ziplining, fun, there is so much more that a day of Ziplining can provide for you.  When many people think of zip lining, they think of the adrenaline-producing event when you glide from tree to tree. While this is correct, this outdoor recreational activity provides so much more.

Soaring Tree Top Adventures is located deep in the heart of the San Juan Mountains on the valley floor of the Animas Canyon. This location allows our guests to “get away” from it all and be one with nature. We provide  guests with a chance to have a full day breathing fresh mountain air, absent from the everyday pollution we see in cities. Studies have shown that fresh mountain air can help with chronic illnesses, and it is known to promote overall mood. As well, our zipline course is located 7,550 feet above sea level. This higher elevation means we are closer to the sun, and consequently, this extra sunlight promotes Serotonin production. This increase in Serotonin helps fight against stress and anxiety.

Ziplining can provide groups of people an outlet for team building and fellowship. Bringing groups or families zip lining can create memories that last a lifetime. Taking some members out of their comfort zone can foster an environment for groups to strengthen their bonds and an experience that  guests will remember forever. Time and time again, we hear that the Soaring Experience is one of the best things to do in Durango.

a group of people in a forestSo when you are planning your next trip to Colorado, remember that Ziplining with Soaring is so much more than what meets the eye. Come Soar with us and experience the pristine mountain air and make memories with people that will transfer to many other aspects of your life.