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Ranger Training

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Here at Soaring Tree Top Adventures we have lots of fun, and we do it every day! Yet we also take safety very seriously and our great safety record proves it. Here’s what one guest had to say about Soaring’s focus on safety; “We felt very safe the entire day as the sky rangers and construction of the zip lines and platforms were all about safety and making us feel comfortable”.  The whole Soaring staff works very hard to make sure your visit to the world’s largest zip-line course is something you will remember for a very long time. Especially memorable spans and guest favorites include Aspen Alley, our new parallel racing spans and Soaring’s 1,400 foot span. There’s a reason that Soaring is the top-ranked Durango destination and an international sensation.

A Sky Ranger works to make sure Soaring is the safest zipline course.Guests frequently rave about how the staff added a great personal touch to their family vacation. One guest’s online review on Tripadvisor said “Soaring was so much fun but the staff made the experience great. The equipment was safe and the staff were very knowledgeable and hilarious”.  Each Ranger with you in the trees has gone through four weeks of intense training. During this time we teach them to send, receive, retrieve, and the other skills necessary to safely navigate guests through the zip-line course. Each Ranger must also complete a forty-hour First Responder medical course. Our staff’s friendliness, hospitality and attention to detail is really apparent throughout the day.

If at the end of the day you don’t feel like you are saying good bye to a bunch of your long-time friends, you haven’t been Soaring. So come make new friends and join in on the fun. Call our office at (970) 769-2357 or check out our website today.

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