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The Adventure Begins

a man flying through the air while riding skis

Here at Soaring the first week is already behind us and what an adventure it has been! For those of you still waiting to visit the world’s largest zipline course here is a first taste of what to expect. The adventure begins aboard our first-class railcars on the historic Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad. After passing through some of the most beautiful scenery the San Juan Mountains have to offer, the train stops at Tank Creek to take on engine cooling water. As a silence settles over the train your excitement and anticipation grows.

The door swings open and in steps a stranger. You are on an historic train but this is not a dramatic Western train robbery. The figure before you does not have a six shooter strapped at the waist, but there is a good amount of metal jangling about as she strides forward. Adorned in the finest Petzl harness the smiling Eco Ranger begins to prepare you for the adventurous day ahead. As the train begins moving again your heart rate rises along with your excitement.

A Sky Ranger soars next to the Durango train at Soaring Tree Top Adventures.Soon the Eco Ranger directs your attention to the left side of the car. You’ve just pinpointed the brightly dressed Sky Ranger when he jumps on the zipline cable and soars across the span, spinning and flipping upside down. Soon you will be doing tricks just like our rangers, but first we must de-board the train and get you your own Petzl harness. Properly outfitted for your exciting day in the trees a Sky Ranger begins to lead you up to the first span. And so the adventure begins at Soaring Tree Top Adventures! If you haven’t already booked a tour with our wonderful office staff, please give us a call today and experience the Soaring adventure for yourself.

Eco Insight: It’s springtime and a great way to experience the season is to plant your own garden or house plants. A few flowers or herbs add delightful decoration or fantastic freshness to your table. Visiting your local farmers’ market is another great way to enjoy spring’s bounty and connect with your community.