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Three New Spans!

a man in a forest

The summer solstice is just a week away and a visit to Soaring Tree Top Adventures’ zipline is a great way to kick off your summer. Your day includes a spectacular train ride in our first-class Tall Timber Legend cars on the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad, top-notch Petzl climbing equipment, 27 spans full of exciting surprises, a gourmet lunch eaten on a platform suspended over the Animas River, and our fast-paced river spans. The day culminates with our ever popular 1400 foot zip-line span where you can reach scintillating speeds of up to 35 miles per hour.

The 1400 foot span was added in 2009 and after two years we decided more spans would be fun. So with the addition of three new spans the world’s largest zip-line course just got larger! Months of research, scouting, and building went into these spans and you really see the results. The first two spans are parallel and perfect for racing a friend or family member. This really brings out the competitive spirit in our guests.

A boy and girl race down zipline spans.

The base of Tree 31 is full of smack talking and whispered strategy. Stepping up to the span it’s game on and you soar 606 feet to see who is the fastest (Hint: a quick smooth start can give you the edge and aerodynamic form is critical).  If you didn’t beat your racing companion today you can always return tomorrow for a rematch. The racing spans are Soaring’s second longest so everybody is a sure winner! The third new span is 230 feet and exhibits an artistic touch followed by an ecology talk about one of the larger predators roaming the San Juan National Forest.

So come see Soaring’s three new spans and bring along a racing companion. Call our office at (970) 769-2357 or check out our website today.

Green LeafEco-insight: Expand your horizons, explore your options, and consider the alternatives. Summer days are sunny and pleasant so instead of emptying your wallet at the fuel pump why not walk, cycle, carpool, or utilize public transportation. Not only is alternative transportation economical and earth-friendly, it also has numerous heath benefits and can help connect you with people in your community.