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More than a Zip Line Tour!

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DSC_0060Here at Soaring Tree Top Adventures, we believe there is no limit to fun! That’s why our course not only features the world’s most zip lines at 27 spans but also includes many unique thrills that will undoubtedly keep your heart pumping all day long. In addition to Soaring through the trees at exhilarating speeds, your day at Soaring also includes special features such as our tree-mounted helicopter hoist. The hoist, similar to the device used in swift-water rescues, resides on our tallest tree platform 100 feet in the air. After Soaring to a platform at the bottom of the tree, you will be hooked into the hoist mechanism and then raised all the way to the upper platform. From there you will enjoy a beautiful panoramic view of the valley that houses our Colorado zipline. The helicopter hoist is only one of our many unique features. Later in the morning before we head to lunch, you will experience a ride down one of our auto-belays. This machinery is identical to what many rock climbing gyms use and provides a one of a kind way to return to ground-level for lunch.

Many of our Soaring spans themselves were specifically designed to astoundDSC_0173 and amaze. Aspen Alley is one of our favorites—420 feet of steel cable that takes you directly through an aspen grove with trees whizzing past on both sides. The exceptional view and the close encounter with our wild and vibrant forest never fails to impress. Later in the day, our guests enjoy a bit of friendly competition on the newest part of our course, our two parallel racing spans. Running over 600 feet, the racing spans are a great opportunity to show off the skills you’ve learned the rest of the day as you speed over the forest floor. But this speed is nothing compared to the final span of the day: the 1400. This quarter-mile long cable brings our guests to speeds of close to 40 miles per hour during nearly a full minute-long ride. As this cable brings you over the rushing Animas River one last time, we guarantee you will enjoy this thrilling finale to an action-packed day on the world’s largest zipline course! We can’t wait to share Soaring with you!