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An Up-Close and Personal Nature Experience

a deer standing next to a forest

A day here at Soaring Tree Top Adventures would not be completeDSC_0082 without unique nature encounters that bring you into close contact with the vibrant, colorful forest. In addition to sporting the world’s longest zip line course, Soaring also features a first-rate ecology tour that highlights the beautifully intricate ecosystem here in southern Colorado. Our property is nestled in the San Juan National Forest and houses one of the most pristine sections of land. This forest is considered a virgin old-growth Ponderosa Pine forest, meaning our land has never been timbered and the trees living here are upwards of 200-400 years old. Having such a precious piece of living history in our backyard has helped us realize the value of preservation and conservation; we take every environmental impact into consideration. To protect our ancient trees while still enjoying the unique canopy perspective, we developed a patented tree-hugging system that never punctures the wood but rather rests safely on the outside using suspension and compression. Our mark on the forest is anything but permanent as we strive to protect the wilderness for future generations to come.

To guide you through these ancient trees and offer insightsDSC_0374 into the secrets of the forests are our specially trained Ecology Rangers. Well-versed in the flora and fauna of the San Juans, the Eco Rangers are full of delightful forest secrets. Between thrilling spans, you’ll hear about local wildlife and their living patterns, touch and smell living trees, and learn how to identify pieces of the eco system for survival scenarios. You will even have the opportunity to try several forest snacks and learn how to bandage a wound with natural ingredients! By the end of the day, you’ll not only be breathless with excitement from the 27 zip lines, but chock full of useful and interesting information. If you are looking for an adventure the entire family can enjoy, come to Soaring! For adrenaline and knowledge junkies alike, there is something for everyone at Soaring.