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Cross Soaring Off Your Bucket List!

a person rock climbing

DSC_0436Have you ever flown through an aspen grove, so close you could almost touch the twinkling leaves rustling in the wind? Have you ever been raised 100 feet off the ground by a helicopter hoist to a tree platform surveying the valley below? Have you ever jumped off a cliff only to be whisked away at a speed nearing 40 miles per hour and over a raging river? Here at Soaring Tree Top Adventures you can satisfy all your thrill-seeking family members with one unique adventure! With so many exhilarating features, it’s no wonder we at Soaring constantly welcome guests looking to satisfy another item on their bucket list. Soaring provides an experience unlike any other—from thrilling speeds to a beautiful canopy tour, Soaring is an action-packed all-day extravaganza. We guarantee your day with us will be the highlight of your vacation.

Soaring is a full day of fun, starting with theDSC_0354 train ride aboard the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad, a steam locomotive tucked away in the San Juan National Forest. After enjoying scenic views of the astounding Animas River Canyon, you’ll arrive in our private valley for a day on the world’s longest zipline course. For 5 1/2 hours our Sky Rangers will guide you through the trees, from canopy platform to platform, as you experience the forest from a bird’s eye view. In between Soaring spans, our Ecology Rangers will share with you the different plants and wildlife you might see along the way. All in all, our adventure provides something for everyone to enjoy, from Grandma and Grandpa to tiny grandkids. Soaring Tree Top Adventures is the perfect family vacation in Colorado! If you want to be thrilled or are looking for something all ages and generations can enjoy, come Soar with us today!