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Happy Tenth Anniversary, Soaring!

a train traveling down train tracks near a forest


CSC_0144Though it’s hard for us to believe, this year marks the tenth anniversary of the Soaring course! Since 2004, we’ve been welcoming people far and wide to soar through the beautiful old-growth ponderosa pine canopy that graces our valley. The course has grown substantially from its original conception, however. What now holds the title as the largest zip line course in the world began as a series of four short zips for the guests of Tall Timber Resort. Soon becoming the most popular activity for resort guests, the short adventure course quickly expanded to include much longer and more thrilling spans. By the time Soaring opened its doors to the public in 2006, the day-long adventure already included the main part of the river section that guests enjoy today. Over the years, we’ve continued to grow our experience, adding our unique parallel racing spans and our famous 1400-foot-long Soar at the end of the day. Guests who come today enjoy all 27 of our Colorado zip lines which make up the longest zip line course in the world!

Soaring is unique from other zip lines for a couple of reasons.DSC_0155 To begin, we use a unique and patented tree-hugging system to support our platforms within the tree canopy. From the course’s inception, our primary goal in building it was to provide an educational and exciting canopy tour that both highlighted the diversity of our forest and protected its prosperity. Thanks to our tree-hugging system, the old-growth ponderosa pines that we soar within remain healthy and can continue to grow while we enjoy the views from their branches. In addition, Soaring utilizes a patented no-braking mathematical formula. Based on the distance between the two trees and the rise and run of the cable, we’ve mastered a system that allows each and every guest, no matter their age or weight, to enter our platforms at the same rate every time. What this means for you is that no one needs to worry about controlling their speed in any way; all minor speed adjustments are made by the highly trained Sky Rangers who ensure a safe and smooth landing at every tree. These specialized features make Soaring the premier ziplining experience for all ages. So come celebrate with us today! Happy Tenth Birthday, Soaring!