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Bursting into Color

a tree in a forest

DSC_0495Fall has finally come to Soaring Treetop Adventures! Of all the fun things to do in Colorado during the beautiful autumn season, soaring through the trees on our 27 zip-line spans is the best way to get an up-close view of the changing leaves. You’ll soar amongst the bright golds and reds, racing through the cool fall air. A favorite span right now is Aspen Alley; not only does it offer 420 thrilling feet of cable, but it soars directly through our populous aspen grove. With their shimmering golden leaves, you’ll view nature’s treasure from within the heart of the forest. Come visit us now as our aspens, cottonwoods, and maple trees are putting on their brightest fall colors to compliment the evergreen needles of our pine and fir trees.

Why do leaves change color every fall? This timeDSC_0509 of year brings longer nights and cooler temperatures, which work together to turn leaves spectacular hues of red, orange, and yellow. One of the main jobs of a leaf is to give sugar to the tree. The cooler nights that we experience in September and October prevent the leaves from doing this job, and sugar starts to build up in the leaf which results in a red color. In addition, fall brings fewer hours of the sunlight necessary for photosynthesis. Thus, the leaves start producing less chlorophyll which is the green pigment used in photosynthesis. With less green pigments, the red and yellows contained in the leaf become visible. Together, these changes lead to a stunning array of colors throughout our course. Our remote location in the San Juan Valley gives us spectacular scenery all year long, but the fall is an especially beautiful time to come soaring. So book your adventure for the whole family and join us for an unforgettable day!

Green LeafEco Tip: When buying clothes, try to buy fair-trade items. This label means that the farms that produce the materials and the factories in which they are made comply with decent pay rules. Fair-trade means ethical and supportive decisions for all those involved in the production process!