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A Slowing Season Means the Perfect Time to Soar!

a man flying through the air while riding a skateboard on a ramp


As the season begins to wind down and the weather starts to turn,DSC_0458 we find ourselves reflecting on the great 2014 season we’ve hosted here at Soaring. This summer brought us guests from all around the globe- from Germany to the Philippines to South Africa- and from all walks of life. We love the diversity of our guests and look forward to the challenges and adventures that each new week will bring. But now that the summer has ended and school has once more begun, we find ourselves with far fewer families of little ones and many more couples. While we adore sharing our experience with young children, we are happy to welcome a more mature crowd to enjoy the fresh mountain experience. Though we may be the largest zipline course in the world and an adrenaline-packed adventure, Soaring provides the perfect experience for all ages. The “retirement” crowd is one of our favorite groups; always looking for excitement, they make our days just as entertaining as we make theirs!

DSC_0125Another reason that Soaring is the perfect vacation for all ages is that we are also pleased to welcome you to the safest zipline experience the world has to offer. Our Soaring helicopter-grade cables and tree platforms are made from the best stainless steel, meaning their integrity can withstand the tests of time. These materials will not harm the environment by keeping our precious old-growth trees rust-free! In addition, each morning a team of our Sky Ranger examines the entire course to ensure its safety for the day’s use. We also use top-of-the-line sit harnesses from the French climbing company Petzl. These harnesses are thoroughly inspected every day before and after they are used as an extra precaution. We respect the need for safety and consistency in the maintenance of our zip line course. When you come Soaring, we guarantee the best service and safety in the business. And there’s no better time than now- call today to make your reservation!