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Guest Spotlight: Paul and Judy Pogue

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Family is a huge part of the Soaring Experience. Every day we are happy to welcome back returning guests. Some come every year and have been numerous times. This series of posts will highlight some of the most loyal and interesting guests we have had over the years.

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Paul and Judy Pogue have had a house in the Durango area for over 25 years. One of the Pogue’s favorite activities in the Summer is to bring friends from Texas to visit their property and show them around the area. These activities include taking Razors to Kite Lake and, of course, Soaring. For the past eight years, the Pogue’s have brought dozens of guests to our property to showcase one of their favorite activities to do in the San Juan Mountains. Judy Pogue says, “We love sharing these experiences with our friends… The staff is what makes this place so special. Everyone genuinely cares about your well-being. Soaring truly has 5-star service.” Riding the train to the property holds a special place in Judy’s heart; being the daughter of a Steam Locomotive engineer, she loves trains and coming to Soaring brings back fond memories of her father. Soaring provides them with the opportunity to not only entertain their friends, but also to provide a unique opportunity to make new memories that will last a lifetime!

Giving the gift of Soaring is just one of the many ways the Pogue’s give back to their community. In 1979 the couple took out a $1000 loan for the start of their construction business. Today, Pogue Construction is one of the largest builders in North Texas. With this success, they have given back to those in need. The Pogue Family Missions Organization has helped build orphanages, churches, and hospitals in Chiapas, Mexico. Over the years, this organization has helped give over 100,000 people medical care for free. Judy Pogue sums up their family motto by saying, “You Learn. You Earn. You Return.” As well, they have formed another non-profit called Minutemen Disaster Response. They are helping communities affected by natural disasters with on the ground triage support

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We love to hear from our guests and form connections with them that last beyond just a single day at Soaring. If you are interested in having a guest spotlight, please contact us at or 970-769-2357.