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Durango’s Bar D Chuckwagon

Bar D Chuckwagon

Nestled amidst the awe-inspiring landscapes of Colorado, the Bar D Chuckwagon offers an unforgettable experience. Situated on the Dalton Cattle Ranch, just north of the small town of Durango, this ranch provides a range of exciting events. From a choice of three delicious dinner options to a side-splitting cowboy comedic show, the Bar D Chuckwagon promises an exceptional evening.


         The legacy of the Bar D Chuckwagon dates back to 1969 when a man by the name of Cy Scarborough founded and managed the event for many years. Cy was a kind and lighthearted man who would often appear on the stage himself. Unfortunately, he passed away in 2020 at 93 years. Jim Blanton and Roy “Buck” Teeter were huge in its starting and have also been big members of the show. Over the years, the Bar D Chuckwagon has hosted around 19 talented cowboys who have entertained audiences every summer since its opening. They have captivated over 2.5 million people across the United States on numerous stages. To commemorate their performances, the Bar D Chuckwagon has produced six CDs and two DVDs, which can be purchased at one of the shops. Notably, Gary Cook, a current member of the group, has been crowned the national flatpicking champion guitar player twice!


But what about now? Running from Memorial Day Weekend through September, this amazing experience is not to be missed, so plan accordingly. The shops, activities, and ticket booth open at 4:30, providing lots of time to settle in and purchase tickets if needed. Dinner is served promptly at 6:30, with a line-style setup allowing everyone to choose their desired dishes. There’s even a call for seconds, so be sure to save room for an extra biscuit! Refreshments include pitchers of lemonade, water, and coffee. For those aged 21 and above, alcoholic beverages can be purchased from one of the shops.


“The best part of the Bar D was getting to listen to super talented musicians playing the guitar and fiddle” says Maddie W, a staff member of Soaring Tree Top Adventures. (You can find Maddie on the Soaring Instagram page!)


The Bar D Chuckwagon continues to thrive, offering something for the entire family. The venue has a playground, a chocolate store, a rock store, a horseshoe pit, and an array of other shops and activities. Don’t miss out on this remarkable experience, and be sure to secure your tickets in advance, as they tend to sell out quickly!



By: Keira Beggrow – 6/23/23

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