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Escape the Heat, Go Soaring!

Summer is in full swing! As the temperatures increase, many people begin their search for cooler weather. Soaring Tree Top Adventures, our zipline company in the mountains just outside Durango, Colorado, is an ideal escape for a refreshing trip amid nature. Prepare to Soar through the towering trees, take in the fresh mountain air, and immerse yourself in an incredible outdoor adventure. Are you looking for this type of escape? Read on.

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Durango, Colorado, located in the scenic Animas River Valley, is known for its spectacular mountain beauty and untouched wilderness. The cool mountain wind welcomes you as you leave the heat behind. Soaring Tree Top Adventures allows you to appreciate the peaceful appeal of this mountain paradise while participating in a thrilling adventure.



Soaring Tree Top Adventures is dedicated to environmental sustainability as well as adventure. As you make your way through the trees, you’ll learn about the surrounding ecology and the company’s efforts to maintain and protect it. This educational component provided by our knowledgeable Eco Rangers complements the zipline experience by developing a better respect for nature’s marvels.

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Soaring is a terrific family-friendly location since it caters to explorers of all ages. Whether you’re traveling with little children, teenagers, or grandparents, everyone can enjoy this exciting Colorado zip line adventure. Each group is accompanied by multiple certified guides, our Sky Rangers, who provide reliable instructions, assuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all.



Soaring Tree Top Adventures provides a full-day zipline experience, allowing you to make the most of your vacation. You’ll be treated to a fantastic gourmet lunch served in the treetops. The trip includes 27 zip lines, staircases in the sky, and even a daring drop. This Durango zip line, combined with the ride on the historic Durango Train, provides an action-packed day with no time for boredom.

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The natural splendor of the Durango mountains is breathtaking, and Soaring Tree Top Adventures exhibits the finest of it. You’ll be rewarded with stunning views of beautiful Ponderosa pine forest, rocky mountain peaks, and the sparkling Animas River below as you zipline from platform to platform. It’s a sensory experience that transports you to the majesty of Colorado’s backcountry.


Soaring Tree Top Adventures in Durango, Colorado, is the solution if you’re looking for a thrilling adventure that helps you to escape the blazing heat. Within a day’s drive from many “hot” states, this adventure destination has it all, from the unmatched zip line experience and environmental care to the family-friendly atmosphere and breathtaking surroundings. So pack your belongings, gather your loved ones, and prepare to get out of the heat and go on an adventure that mixes excitement, knowledge, and natural beauty. Prepare to go Soaring through the trees and make unforgettable memories in Colorado’s mountainous wonderland.

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