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Safety Highlight: Our Expert Equipment


Here at Soaring Tree Top Adventures we pride DSC_0487ourselves on using the highest quality equipment to ensure maximum safety and comfort. From stainless steel cables to full-body harnesses to uniquely locking carabiners, every piece of gear is chosen with great care and precision. Our expertise in the field has lead us to develop a very close relationship with the French climbing company Petzl who furnishes all of our Soaring gear. The Petzl harnesses we use every day are work harnesses, meaning they are marketed towards professionals who wear them all day long to repair electrical lines, build bridges, and construct dams. The added padding and stability means that even after a full day of Soaring your harness still comfortably secures you from tree to tree. The Sky Rangers on staff are specially trained to fit and adjust these harnesses and they will continually check their safety throughout the day. From the moment you disembark the train at our Colorado zip line, you can rest assured that your safety is in the best of hands!

DSC_0147Each day here at Soaring our morning begins long before our guests arrive on property. While each excited Soarer chugs closer and closer on the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad, our staff inspects every one of our 27 spans as well as every piece of our tree platforms. By the time the train arrives and the real adventure begins, the entire course has been thoroughly checked by multiple Sky Rangers. In addition, every afternoon after our guest depart homeward on the train each harness is also inspected for any minor flaws or adjustments, making sure that every piece of gear on our course is in mint condition. Soaring with us truly is worry-free; not only will you enjoy top-of-the-line gear, but you will be in the highly experience hands of the Sky Rangers. If you want to experience a day of hands-off, pampered adventure, come visit us today!