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Soaring with the Critters!

a deer standing next to a forest

Located in an immaculately preserved old-growthDSC_0460 (2) Ponderosa pine forest, Soaring Tree Top Adventures is home to dozens of different animal species, ranging from tiny hummingbirds to powerful elk. Soaring through the tree-top canopy brings you close to various forms of wildlife; you are sure to catch glimpses of many critters that inhabit our forest as you soar through the world’s longest zipline course located near Durango, Colorado. A family of mule deer lives on our property and often frequents the forest floor directly below some of our longest spans, where they graze on trees and shrubbery. Mule deer, named for their ears which resemble the large ears of a mule, have a unique ability called “stotting” where they hop on all four legs like a kangaroo. Stotting allows the deer to escape quickly up craggy mountainsides when they feel threatened. Mule deer also enjoy munching on a wide variety of vegetation, so it’s not uncommon here at Soaring to find chew marks on tree bark where they have been nibbling!

Our family of mule deer is just one of many unique natural treasures that reside here at Soaring Canopy Tours. The 300-year-old pine trees create an incredibly rich and diverse environment for both our wildlife and our guests who come Soaring. As you soar from tree to tree, enjoy a day of adventure in one of the few remaining old-growth forests in the country! Whether you are learning about our beautiful Ponderosa pines and the wildlife that lives among them, or enjoying a gourmet four-course lunch along the bank of the roaring Animas River, Soaring promises memories as unique as the environment surrounding the longest zipline in the world!

Green LeafEco Insight: Composting is a great way to recycle excess organic food wastes. Start a small compost pile with leftover fruit and vegetable cores and peels layered with dry materials like leaves or pine needles.  Make sure it stays moist and turn it every couple days. Once nature has preformed its magic and decomposed the compost pile, you’ll have some very nutrient rich soil to start seeding your garden!