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Soaring in the Animas River Canyon

a close up of a flower

SAM_0239Soaring is more than just a day of adrenaline filled fun. With a staff of specially trained Eco Rangers, you’ll also get a good dose of knowledge while flying through the canopy. Begin your journey through the San Juan National Forest with an historic train ride that dates back to the late 19th century. Set in the middle of old growth ponderosa pine forest, Soaring Colorado plays host to a diverse set of plants and animals. Keep your eyes peeled for squirrels, hummingbirds, mule deer and even the occasional black bear roaming through the woods. Our Eco Rangers will be happy teach you all about them. And with such an abundance of growth, they’ll also help you to see, smell, and even taste many of the trees and plants in the area.

Being an Old Growth forest, many of the trees thatAbert squirrel we use for our platforms are around 300 years old. Don’t worry though, none of the equipment that we use penetrates the trees in any way. This keeps our forest healthy, which in turn keeps our animals healthy. Abert Squirrels in particular make almost exclusive use of ponderosa pine trees for cover, nesting and food. They typically have a gray coat with a white underbelly and a rusty/reddish colored strip down their back. Their most noticeable characteristic is their hairy ear tufts, which extend up 2-3 cm from each ear.

So give us a call today, bring the whole family, and soar through the pine tree canopy just like the squirrels!