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A Breezy, Beautiful Excursion

a young boy holding a baseball bat


Summer has arrived in southwestern Colorado, with wildflowers waving in the DSC_0535Soaring meadow and songbirds fluttering through the Ponderosa canopy.  As temperatures climb across the country, consider escaping to cooler days and refreshing breezes in the high peaks of Colorado.  Higher elevation means lower temperatures, and the unique shape of the twisting, picturesque valleys in the San Juan Mountains ensure a steady breeze.  In fact, for every 1000 feet gained in elevation, the temperature drops at least 3 degrees Fahrenheit!  At 6,500 feet above sea level, Durango, Colorado offers a mountain escape sure to appeal to the entire family.  But for the ultimate “chill” vacation, climb another thousand feet and visit Soaring Tree Top Adventures!

Beat the heat with a Soaring adventure at 7,500 feet.  We are proud to offer the top-rated attraction in the state of Colorado.  Come Soaring with us on a day-long ziplining adventure through an old-growth Ponderosa Pine forest and over the cold, rushing waters of the Animas River.  The clear blue skies and crisp, rushing breezes of our Rocky Mountain hideaway ensure the ideal setting for your family’s picture-perfect vacation. Spend an unforgettable day Soaring through the air on the longest, safest, and highest zipline in the world!


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