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Soaring in the Old Growth Forest Environment

a brown bear standing next to a forest

Soaring Tree Top Adventures is a beautiful place to visit in the early summer.  With fresh leaves on the trees, the cascading Animas River, and the craggy granite faces that line the valley, the surrounding scenery promises a breathtaking experience as you soar through the canopy. Our zipline adventure, located near Durango, Colorado, runs through an active and vibrant forest full of sunshine and wildlife.Keep an eye out for the family of mule deer that calls our property home or the local black bear cubs that observe us from their own perches in the trees.As the warmer weather brings the wildlife into view, we encourage you to come join us for a summer exploration of your own.

Soaring, as the top rated zipline in Colorado, provides an experience that promises to be both unique and memorable.Our location in an old-growth Ponderosa pine forest gives us a special insight into the historic beauty o the American West.These ancient giants support our eco-friendly tree-hugging platforms, bringing you even closer to their majestic spires.Our gourmet lunch, served on a platform overhanging the Animas River, gives an unparalleled view of the rushing water.But be prepared—an even closer experience is to follow with our 10 Soaring spans that crisscross right over the water.Your day with us guarantees to bring you closer to the natural beauty of the forest as you enjoy this scenic Colorado zipline.Reserve your Soaring experience at the top Durango attraction by calling our office at 970-769-2357.

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