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Archive: Jun 2024

Discover Adventure with Soaring Tree Top Adventures: New Sale Rates in July!

Welcome to Soaring Tree Top Adventures, where every day brings new thrills and breathtaking views of the San Juan Mountains. We’ve just unveiled new sale rates in July that make experiencing our zip line tours easier and more affordable than ever before! At Soaring Tree Top Adventures, we believe in making nature accessible without compromising…

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June 29, 2024

The Perfect Day in Durango: What to Do

So, you have one day in Durango, and you don’t know what to do? We’ve got you covered! First up: breakfast. We love to stop by Durango Doughworks for a quick and delicious breakfast burrito and donut. We also highly recommend Oscar’s Cafe for another yummy breakfast option. Both of these options are local favorites,…

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June 8, 2024