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The Perfect Day in Durango: What to Do

So, you have one day in Durango, and you don’t know what to do? We’ve got you covered!

First up: breakfast. We love to stop by Durango Doughworks for a quick and delicious breakfast burrito and donut. We also highly recommend Oscar’s Cafe for another yummy breakfast option. Both of these options are local favorites, and you won’t be let down with either one!

If you happen to be visiting on a Sunday, the flea market is a great stop for the whole family. The flea market is open until mid-afternoon, and is a treasure trove of unique finds.

Another one of our favorite stops is the Humane Society and Humane Society Thrift Store. If you go shopping for a shirt, you might end up with a puppy! (Check out their Facebook)

For lunch, Durango’s local Zia Taqueria is a fantastic place to take a seat after a busy morning. There are two locations, depending on what you’ve been up to!

In the afternoon, we love taking our time as we walk along Main Street. Main St. is where you’ll find all the “downtown” attractions of Durango – clothes stores, art stores, and more. One of our staple stops is the Durango Antique Market where you can find just about anything! We also enjoy stopping inside the Durango Mall, which has more shopping and a game store.

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