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Archive: Jul 2010

DSNGRR Rock Slide: July 26

a close up of a hillside next to a rock

This past Tuesday proved to be a busy day on the Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad and at Soaring Tree Top Adventures.  A rock slide, as a result of heavy rains, covered the tracks approximately 3 miles south of Silverton making them impassible to the morning’s trains. One of the most unique things about…

Soaring and WeatherTAP

a man holding a gun

I often get the question, “So, what if rains on the day I’m supposed to go Soaring?”  My initial answer: “That’s a great question!”  Let me explain a bit further though… We do operate our canopy tours rain or shine, but it’s quite rare that it rains for an extended period of time.  Due to…

Soaring In the Media

a person throwing a frisbee

Did you know that Soaring Tree Top Adventures has received local, state, and national media attention?  From USA Today to National Geographic’s Adventure Magazine, Soaring is excited to have had the opportunity to be featured in such reputable publications.  It’s an activity for everyone, no matter what your age or where you’re from! Each year,…

Soaring Canopy Tours on Trip Advisor

a drawing of a face

One of the very best ways to learn about different restaurants, hotels, and attractions is There, you will find unbiased reviews for businesses around the world.  Whether you are looking for a new eatery to try on the weekend or are planning a long vacation, the feedback is a great way to learn about…

Your Lunch In the Trees

a man smiling for the camera

One of the most unique parts of your day at Soaring Tree top Adventures is the dining experience.  You are provided with a four-course gourmet lunch served on a suspended platform overlooking the beautiful Animas River.  Take in the view while you enjoy the tasty lunch of your choosing and a relaxing break during the…

Canopy Tours for Everyone

a person looking at the camera

Soaring in the San Juan Mountains near Durango, Colorado is an activity that all can enjoy.  It’s an adventure exciting enough for thrill-seekers, yet still accommodating for those that may be a bit less daring.  Our sky rangers will spend plenty of time familiarizing you with all of our equipment and the unique eco-friendly engineering…