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Welcoming Another Soaring Summer!

a group of people in a forest


DSC_0283The pines are bristling, the river is raging, and here at Soaring we are so excited to welcome another summer of outdoor fun! In the first month of the 2014 season, we’ve already made many unforgettable memories, enjoying guests from across the United States and the world. Heralding from far-away homes such as Germany, Sweden, Israel, and South Africa, our guests bring their own personal adventures to the high wires. This summer we are especially pleased to welcome both new faces and familiar ones; each returning smile is such a treat for us! And, on our thrilling and fast-paced canopy tour which is one of the top attractions in Durango, even the most time-tested veterans will find new thrills in the tree tops. This year, the exceptionally high Animas River provided a unique adventure at the beginning of our season as some guests experienced a personal splash with nature while Soaring overhead.

As the summer progresses, we look forward to warm sunshine, cool breezes, and late-summer monsoon storms. If the past few weeks are a premonition for the rest of the summer, we have an abundantly beautiful season ahead of us! Already our canopy has been graced by the delightful tones of summer songbirds like the yellow-rumped warbler, the red-shafted northern flicker, and the blue grossbeak. The roaring Animas, which flows below ten of our river-crossing Soaring spans, promises happy fishing and fresh views every day. Gorgeous old-growth Ponderosa pines sway majestically in the cool mountain air as our guests fly through their welcoming branches. Soaring is the perfect outdoor family getaway, ideal for all ages and abilities. From a ride on the historic Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad to our 27 astounding zip lines and a gourmet lunch in the trees, we guarantee you will see sights and have adventures you won’t find anywhere else.  If you are looking for a peaceful yet adventurous family vacation, journey to Colorado’s San Juan Mountains and experience the forest at its finest with a tree-top view that promises to astound.


Green LeafEco Insight: With summer in full swing, look to make the most out of the warm weather while being sustainable. Plan outdoor fun for the kids while watering your lawn in the late afternoon– not only will the water evaporate less than during the heat of the day, but you can successfully mix both work and play!