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Intergenerational Soaring!

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DSC_0002We recently welcomed one of our most dignified guests to Soaring– 94-year-old Lou returned this June to celebrate his birthday again with us, breaking his own record from the year before when he first joined us with his family. Thrilled to be back with his 7- and 9-year-old accompaniments, Lou stepped off the train ready and excited for the day’s adventure. With a spring in his step and a smile on his face, he took to the sky like a natural. Thanks to Soaring’s patented no-braking formula, each person who comes Soaring no matter their size or age can soar with ease, arriving on every platform at a smooth and even rate. For Lou, this meant a relaxing day of Soaring where he could enjoy the luscious scenery and fast-paced ride without worrying about controlling his own speed. He soared through the trees in complete ease and we cherish the memories of his radiant smiles. Our VIP guest also enjoyed a helicopter tour of the canyon through which our lines traverse, reveling in a true bird’s eye view of land.

As the summer continues, we look forward to welcoming a menagerieDSC_0019 of guests of all ages and interests. Much like Lou and his crew, families big and small will find Soaring Tree Top Adventures to be just the kind of inter-generational fun everyone will enjoy. We welcome all participants, knowing that Soaring is the perfect activity for newlyweds, grandparents, and young tykes alike. Our Soaring adventure begins with our Genesis section, a series of four shorter spans to get you used to the feel of our top-of-the-line full-body harness and Soaring itself. As the day progresses, we gradually lengthen our cables and speed up the Soaring spans for greater thrills. By the end of the day, even our most apprehensive guests will find themselves at ease on the world’s longest zip line course and itching for more excitement. If Lou can take the plunge at an impressive 94-years-old, anyone will enjoy this escapade!

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