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The Onset of Spring Means Our Colorado Zip Line Tours Are Open For 2016!

a man standing next to a forest

A Colorado zip liner tours over the Animas River at Soaring Treetop Adventures.And just like that, we’re off! Soaring 2016 began this week with excited guests and beautiful weather for another season of our Colorado zip line tours. We’re thrilled to open our doors once again for what promises to be the best Soaring season to date. On opening day we saw new faces and old, thrilled to welcome both returners and first-timers to our retreat. The Colorado mountain weather was heavenly, soaking us with sunshine in the morning and keeping us cool with cloud cover in the afternoon. Though the occasional drizzle trickles into our valley, the enormous mountain peaks around protect zip liners from extreme weather. Our temperate climate is part of what makes Soaring such a draw for things to do in Durango!

Nothing beats frolicking through an old-growth ponderosa pine forest, especially from such great heights. Nestled atop the trees, our platforms provide a unique canopy experience that truly captures the beauty and majesty of the ancient forest. Each one of our 27 Colorado zip lines provides close encounters with nature that allows our guests to intimately learn about and enjoy the San Juan Mountains. The first few days of the 2016 season also saw a colorful spring mixture of bright budding aspen leaves and roaring blue water in the Animas River. Our healthy river sports a great variety of trout that have the local fishermen giddy and rearing to go! Further upstream, the still snow-capped mountains will keep the waters flowing strong for many months to come.

Looking ahead to the season before us, we anxiously await the return of familiar faces and the chance to meet new friends. Here at Soaring, we believe in providing a Colorado zip line experience that the entire family can enjoy and welcome adventurers of all ages. Call us today to reserve your spot this season on the world’s longest zip line!