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Top 3 Ziplines at Soaring Treetop Adventures

a boy ziplining over water

At the end of a ziplining day we here at Soaring often ask our guests which of the ziplines in our zipline course was their favorite. After all, at 27 different lines we are the largest zipline course in the world, so it makes sense to ask our guests which of those they considered to be the best zipline.

“All of them!” is the most popular answer, but when we press them to narrow it down to one zipline, we consistently come up with the following as the best ziplines at Soaring.

#3: “The First One Over the River” (17 – 18)

a body of water surrounded by a forest

What it looks like when you’re crossing over the river for the first time!

Maybe we should come up with a name for this zipline span, since it is consistently one that folks name as a favorite. But while our Sky Rangers refer to this as “17 – 18” (the cable spans between our 17th and 18th platforms), most people refer to this one as “The First One Over the River.”

You see, the first half of our zipline course here at Soaring is all over land, through old-growth Ponderosa pine forest and Aspen groves, weaving our way down the mountainside from our tallest platform (“The Top of 5”) back to our train depot.

From there it is off to lunch. Many of our guests wonder why exactly it is that we have them keep their harnesses on for a lunch by the river. We keep them in their harness for their lunch by the river because we start our second half of the day by launching directly from our giant Lunch Platform and zooming across the Animas River — 560 feet that kicks off an afternoon of 10 different river crossings.

And since we’re on the subject of the river: the Animas River with its roaring Class 5 rapids, and whitewater rafting in general,  is a major reason for many folks to visit Durango. Our property is uniquely situated in a remote area of the mountains — there is not a highway in sight (or even a single road within 6 miles!). Not only is our Lunch Platform right on the river, our 180 acres of wilderness is the only property in the area which spans both sides of the mighty Animas. Long story short: Soaring is the only place in Durango where you can zipline across the Animas River.

The only place.

And we do it 10 different times.

#2: Aspen Alley

a man standing next to a fence

A guest coming in from Aspen Alley



If you check out Soaring on Youtube, you’ll notice that the span which users love to post videos about is Aspen Alley.

This is completely understandable as this zipline has to qualify as one of the most scenic zipline rides in the world — it passes right through the heart of a giant Aspen grove.

Aspen trees are uniquely beautiful, with trunks covered in a bright white powder and oval-shaped leaves which when they quiver in the wind gives a beautiful glistening effect to the entire grove. And we zipline 420 feet right through the center of this grove. Ziplining through a grove of Aspen trees is, again, something that you will not find anywhere else in town besides Soaring Treetop Adventures.

The one and only Aspen Alley!


#1: The 1400

a boy ziplining over the water

One of our guests loving the thrill of zooming in on The 1400!







Fourteen. Hundred. Feet.

That is one giant zipline, folks.

One quarter of a mile.

You’ll ride a zipline that is one quarter mile long — the largest zipline on our course — launching by jumping off of a cliff, then flying across the Animas River for your 10th and final time.

The journey down our quarter-mile-long zipline will take you nearly a minute (though it may seem a lot quicker than that!) and you can reach speeds up to 25 mph. That’s pretty darn fast on a set of tiny little wheels zipping down a 1/2″ cable!

It’s our biggest zipline. It’s our largest zipline. It’s our fastest zipline. And for many of our guests it is out best zipline.

If you don’t believe us, check out all of the videos our guests have posted on YouTube.

Or better yet, book your Soaring adventure today and experience it yourself!