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The Soaring “Guest Cam”

a man standing next to a forest

Soaring Tree Top Adventures is open 7 days a week, and each day we give our guests an extra piece of equipment to add to their experience.  We call it the Soaring “Guest Cam”, a small little HD video camera that they are free to take video with throughout their canopy tour.  We’ve seen some great footage from our guests; awesome views of the Animas River, the aspen trees, and even our three friendly chocolate labs Ranger, Trigger, and Scout.

The “Guest Cam” videos are then posted on YouTube (…with the consent of each participant, of course) for they viewing enjoyment once they get back from their trip.  It’s a great way for them to take a little piece of Soaring away with them, and also provides other people a firsthand look of what it’s like to zip through the trees in the San Juan National Forest.

Maybe one day you’ll make an appearance on the Soaring “Guest Cam” yourself!  Here’s the video from June 20th, 2010: