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The Safest Zipline Course Around

a group of people in a forest

Soaring Tree Top Adventures puts the safety of its guests first.  Every aspect of the course has been designed to provide the safest adventure experience available.  The entire Soaring course is inspected in detail each morning prior to the arrival of our guests and the harnesses are inspected every day after use.  The Sky Rangers and Soaring staff take great care in practicing these safety measures.

The platforms on the Soaring course are made of only the highest quality materials and are custom-manufactured in Durango, Colorado by Holt Sheet metal.  They are entirely eco-friendly and never pierce any of the trees.  The cables on the course are made out of stainless steel, providing a smooth ride and no worries about rust.

A visitor descends on a zipline span at Soaring Tree Top Adventures.Lastly, our Sky Rangers go through extensive technical training as well as a First Responder certification course.  They will be leading you through the trees throughout the entire day, taking care of all of the clipping/unclipping so that all you have to do is relax and enjoy the scenery.  Soaring’s Canopy Tour is the safest that you will find anywhere.