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Soaring in 2011!

a group of people sitting at a table

A group of Soaring Tree Top Adventures visitors eat lunch in the trees.It’s never too early to begin planning your family’s next vacation! Soaring Canopy Tours is now taking reservations for the 2011 season, which begins May 13th and runs all the way through October 16th. Each time of year provides a slightly different experience, so you can plan whether you would prefer to zip through the Fall-colored trees or enjoy a cool Animas breeze during a warm Summer day. No matter when you decide to come, one thing is for sure: you and your family are going to create an unforgettable memory that lasts long beyond your day-long Soaring adventure.

Come experience all that the beautiful San Juan Mountains of Southwest Colorado have to offer, all while Soaring high above the trees from our 24 different zip line spans. To reserve your spot, just call (970) 769-2357 or visit We’re looking forward to having you!