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Soaring: Colorado’s Safest and Longest Zip Line

a man standing next to a forest

As Colorado enjoys the cool days of Fall, now is the perfect time to plan your visit to Soaring Tree Top Adventures. The nights may be cooler and the mountain summits dusted with snow, but the days are still pleasantly warm. Soaring America is the top-rated Durango attraction as rated by and Colorado’s safest and longest zip line! With twenty-seven zipline spans amidst old growth Ponderosa Pines there is something for every age group. One of the most unique aspects of Soaring is our patented self-braking formula that makes Soaring a breeze for grandparents and grandchildren to enjoy together. With a minimal amount of physical effort you and your family or friends can experience Soaring through the treetops while leaf peeping!

Soaring Canopy Tours tops the list of things to do in Durango, and the surrounding Four Corners region boasts world-class natural wonders! Now is the perfect time to experience pleasant days and avoid the crowds while you visit nearby natural wonders. Don’t miss the excitement of the Southwest, the last day to experience the best Colorado zip line is October 20!

Green LeafEco-insight: As the nights become cooler you and your family are probably beginning to change your clothes with the seasons. A great way to reduce costs, help those less fortunate and protect the environment is to donate or repurposing unwanted clothing. If you need to purchase more cold weather clothing maybe think about visiting consignment shops or buying from a local retailer.