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Romance in the Tree Tops

a group of people standing next to a tree

As the summer rolls through, love is in the air here at Soaring Tree Top Adventures.DSC_0055 Just a few weeks ago, we hosted a beautiful tree top engagement between two of our guests, Andrew and Breanna. They took advantage of our romantic setting nestled here in the San Juan National Forest and made an unforgettable memory on the world’s longest zip line course. Our beautiful forest was the perfect backdrop for their fairytale engagement. With towering Ponderosa pines, majestic cliff faces, and the sparkling Animas River, the land is the perfect mountain retreat. Andrew and Breanna made use of the gorgeous scenery as well as the adventure that comes with riding the world’s best zip line course. Popping the important question early on in the morning, the two lovebirds were able to spend the rest of their day zipping across the river and feeling the cool mountain breeze. By the time they got on the train, both assured us that their experience had formed a memory of a lifetime.

DSC_0076Enjoying Andrew and Breanna’s beautiful engagement reminds us that people of all interests and backgrounds come Soaring. Some of our favorite guests are grandparents treating their young grandkids, yet we also cherish the joy on the faces of young couples as they fly through the trees. Soaring provides the perfect adventure for all ages to enjoy. Our premiere canopy tour is unparalleled the world over. Not only will you experience the thrill of zipping through the forest, but your day also includes a ride on the historic Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad and a gourmet lunch up in the trees. In addition, our incredible staff of Sky Rangers and Eco Rangers provide a unique experience where you will not only receive knowledge about the course and our forest but you will be treated like a part of the team. After a day with Soaring, you become part of our close Soaring family, forever a veteran of the world’s best zipline experience. Just as Andrew and Breanna look forward to their new future, so too do we eagerly anticipate building our family with you! If you are looking for things to do in Colorado, come Soar with us!

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