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Marines in the Trees!

a group of people standing next to a man in a military uniform

DSC_0245As the days grow longer and the sunshine becomes brighter, we are pleased to open the 2013 season of Durango’s top rated attraction with gorgeous weather and enthusiastic guests. On opening day, we welcomed a group of 30 Marines to enjoy the thrilling experience of Soaring through our gorgeous Ponderosa Pine forest. Dressed in full fatigues and wearing infectious smiles, they flew from platform to platform enjoying every moment of their day on the world’s largest zipline. This collection of Marine recruiters from around the American Southwest filled our opening day with laughter and energy. It was our honor to welcome them to enjoy a day of relaxation and adventure.

During the day, the Marines remindedDSC_0340(resize) us how truly wonderful Soaring is as a family experience. Though not related, our friends in uniform were closer than any brothers. Through our shared trust, respect, and laughter, we bonded with our distinguished guests and remembered just how magical a place Soaring Tree Top Adventures is to share with family. Many of the Marines also eagerly mentioned how they hoped to return with their own families to share in the Soaring experience. As a family-run business, we believe in treating every person who comes to Soaring as a valued guest in our gorgeous mountain home. Our top-rated Colorado zipline is the perfect place to make meaningful memories with your parents, children, or grandchildren.  Let us welcome you into our Soaring family.

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