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Leading with Passion: Meet Phil


Soaring Tree Top Adventures has been called a magical retreat for adventurers and nature lovers alike. Its located in the center of a lush wilderness where the beauty of nature meets heart-pounding excitement. Phil, one of the longest running staff members at Soaring, has been the General Manager for a countless amount of years. He is always seen in his signature Royal Blue color (also known as “Phil-Berry Blue” by the staff) and coffee in the mornings. Phillip is also known for his love to fish, especially flyfishing. On his days off, he is often seen fishing in the San Juan River.


a group of people that are standing in the dirt


Phil’s experiences in the great outdoors and his military background influenced his path to becoming a leading figure in the adventure tourism sector. As a Navy veteran, he knows how to run an organized and safe environment for the staff and guests alike. Under Phillip’s leadership, Soaring Tree Top Adventures underwent a transformative journey of its own. Phil has helped develop a place where visitors could not only experience the thrill of ziplining through the treetops but also connect deeply with the surrounding natural splendor where safety is paramount.



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What truly sets Phillip apart is his personal touch and unwavering dedication to guest satisfaction. He is often found mingling with visitors, sharing stories around the course, and ensuring that each person’s experience exceeds expectations. Phil makes sure that every guest feels safe and manages their wellbeing in the trees. His ability to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere has turned many first-time visitors into loyal patrons, who return to Soaring Tree Top Adventures year after year.


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As Phillip continues to steer the ship at Soaring Tree Top Adventures, his legacy grows stronger with every daring zip line. He has worked every job on property and has been with the company for about 16 years. This makes him one of the longest running staff at Soaring Tree Top Adventures. Over the winter, Phil and his three dogs (Jackson, Cooper, and Tucker) stay onsite to take care of the property and to answer the Soaring phone even when there are no guests onsite.



Throughout the years, Phil has run a tight ship but it is all worth it. From safety in the trees, to managing the property in and out of the season, to making sure everyone feels welcome, he can do it all. Come out and visit to go Soaring with us and see Phil, our resident General Manager.