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It’s Never Too Late to Soar!

a young man riding a bike down a dirt road

DSC_0429Soaring Tree Top Adventures, a Colorado zip line adventure, is located between the mountain towns of Durango and Silverton on the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad and is surrounded by the beauty of the natural backdrop of the San Juan National Forest. This US National Forest covers 1,878,846 acres in western Colorado. Soaring’s family friendly vacation allows guests of all ages to see the San Juan Mountains from new heights with ease. From your front row seat within the canopy of our unique forest you will come into close contact with a relatively untouched part of the American West. Deep in the heart of the San Juan Mountains, Soaring Tree Top Adventures is the longest zip line course in the US, making it an amazing full day adventure to add to your Colorado vacation.

This summer, the weather in Colorado is breathtaking. The AnimasDSC_0155 River is a beautiful, cool companion as guests ride the D&SNGRR alongside its banks to get to Soaring Tree Top Adventures. This year, the natural sweet fragrance of the ponderosa pines that wafts through the train windows as you gaze at the area’s natural beauty is especially aromatic thanks to long days of sunshine and our cleansing rains. Once guests arrive at the Tall Timber property, home of Soaring Tree Top Adventures, gentle rays of sunshine cascade down through the ponderosa pine trees onto the suspended zip line platforms as guests soar from tree to tree through the crisp, clean mountain air. In addition, at this time of year beautiful flowers naturally cover the forest floor. The scenery alone makes Soaring Tree Top Adventures one of the best activities to do in Durango. But beyond a retreat into the wilderness, our top zip line course also promises to thrill, excite, and invigorate all participants. Perfect for families– from tots to grandparents– Soaring is an adventure open to all ages and abilities. We welcome you to our mountain home and invite you to join us for an unforgettable vacation!

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