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Gourmet Service

a group of people sitting at a table

A group of Soaring Tree Top Adventures visitors eat lunch in the trees.While our guests come to Soaring Tree Top Adventures for the thrill of our 27 exhilarating zip-line spans, a visit is not complete without treating your appetite as well. Included in your day-long canopy tour experience is a delicious gourmet lunch served on four platforms suspended overlooking the Animas River. Upon your arrival at Soaring, you will choose your lunch entrée from several mouthwatering choices, including vegetarian options. For young children, a second menu is available with kid-friendly alternatives. All lunches are prepared daily by our skilled chefs, who are happy to accommodate specific dietary or taste preferences. Additionally, your meal is served in an eco-friendly manner, with reusable plates, silverware and containers!

In the event of a summer afternoon shower, lunch is served indoors in our beautiful historic soda fountain from Durango, complete with period memorabilia. Rain or shine, you are sure to enjoy the Soaring dining experience amidst your exciting day of zip-lining. Immediately after lunch, you’ll be soaring across the longest span yet; 540 feet across the scenic Animas River–a build-up to the grand finale longest zipline of 1400 feet!  To enjoy all that Soaring has to offer, call our office at (970) 769-2357 or check out our website today.

Green LeafEco-insight: Summer is a great season to enjoy fresh produce, which is often transported thousands of miles to your grocery store. Minimize environmental impacts and enjoy the freshest produce by choosing locally grown foods, supporting a food co-op, or a farmers market in your hometown. Additionally, with a small time commitment many of your favorite fruits or vegetables can be grown using minimal space in your own backyard.