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Dining in Durango

a sign on the side of a tree

Southwest Colorado, in addition to its incredible hiking, biking, and skiing, is home to a slew of other great activities and things to see.  One of the finest aspects of Durango (especially after a full day of Soaring) is the food. Taking a stroll downtown, you’ll find restaurant after restaurant emitting wonderful smells and pulling you into an inviting atmosphere.  One little-known fact is that Durango has more local restaurants per capita than San Francisco! (Get Real Durango)

A sign marks where to find food in Durango, Colorado.From authentic Mexican food to fresh roasted coffee and locally crafted beer, every base is covered when it comes to cuisine in Durango.  Foodies can delight in the wide variety and high quality of all things food when visiting this historic town. Chain restaurants aren’t the heart and soul of the dining scene; it’s local restaurants the make the food here special.  I’m even hesitant to provide specific names of restaurants because it’s all so good!  You can, however, find some dining guides from a number of places: Get Real Durango (link above), TripAdvisor, or just by asking around…it’s one of the best ways!

One of the the top things on my “favorite things to do in Durango” list is eat!  So, after a long ride on the trail or after taking a full-day canopy tour, make sure to visit one of Durango’s many great restaurants.