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The Colorado Eco Tour at Soaring Tree Top Adventures

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Colorado eco tourHere at Soaring, we believe in providing our guests with exhilarating memories to last a lifetime as well as knowledge to protect and care for our beautiful forest. Built into our Colorado zip line adventure is a full-day ecology tour which provides an overview of the ecosystem of the San Juan National Forest. Our parcel of land sits in untouched, virgin, old-growth forest, a very special and rare piece of American landscape. Our Colorado eco tour introduces families to the area and builds awareness for an ecologically friendly future. Everything we do at Soaring provides care for the immediate present and for the future. For example, our patented tree-hugging system ensures that our mature Ponderosa pines stay healthy and growing even while we Soar through their treetops. At the same time, our eco tour encourages an Eco-conscious generation to appreciate and continue to protect our healthy forest.

To lead you through this Colorado eco tour are our specially trainedColorado eco tour Eco Rangers, each one having an extensive background in environmental science. Through the years, our program has expanded to include a comprehensive ecological history of the area. Throughout the day between Soaring spans you will learn about ancient volcanic eruptions, the human history of the mountains, local wildlife, medicinal plants in the forest, and much more! You’ll even learn which plants are edible and how to survive in emergency situations! Armed with fun facts and useful knowledge, our Eco Rangers provide an enriching supplement to your Soaring adventure. Both grandparents and grandchildren alike will enjoy this day of laughing and learning in the treetops while they enjoy a ride on the world’s longest zip line course.

Our 2016 season is filling up, so call or book online today to reserve your spot. Tip: come in September or October to take advantage of cooler weather, smaller Soaring groups, and beautiful fall colors!  Do you know why leaves change colors?  Our Eco Rangers do!