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Autumn in the Mountains

a body of water surrounded by trees

DSC_0017Fall has come and there’s never been a better time to come Soaring! As the aspen leaves twinkle like gold coins in the tree tops and the cool breezes caress our secret valley, you can enjoy all the best that autumn has to offer while traversing through the forest. After an unusually wet and verdant summer, our healthy forest remains as lively as ever. The mule deer family that inhabits our valley is more friendly than ever, led by two gorgeous young bucks so eager to show off their impressive antlers. The ground squirrels frolic across the forest floor as the tufted Abert squirrels noisily chatter through the tree tops. The occasional black bear tumbles through, just as happy to enjoy the cool weather as we are! If you are looking to experience fall colors in the mountain or simply want a reason to hit the road, Soaring is the perfect fall escape.

Around this time of year we begin to see fewer families as childrenDSC_0020 head back to school and more retirees eager to give our course a whirl. Young or old, we guarantee that every Soarer will thoroughly enjoy a day on the world’s longest zipline course. With 27 spans and several additional unique features, Soaring is the world’s leading adventure course. Furthermore, our course is very accessible to all ages and abilities. Unlike many other courses that require extensive physicality to control speed, Soaring uses a patented no-breaking formula that ensures a perfect Soar on every span. For this reason there is no need to wear a helmet or gloves when Soaring. We are proud to say that guests as young as 3 and as old as 94 have enjoyed Soaring- it truly is an adventure for all generations! If you are looking to enjoy the fall colors and desire to throw some excitement into the equation, spend a day with us this fall and experience Soaring for yourself!