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A Refreshing Vacation Destination

a body of water surrounded by trees

Here at Soaring we are off to a wet and wild summer!DSC_0083 After years of drought and lessened rainfall we are finally enjoying a wonderfully moist year! This May was our wettest on record and June is full of afternoon sprinkles and evening showers. As a result, our forest is bursting with color and teeming with life as all the local flora and fauna make the most of the increased moisture. The sporadic rainfall means our daily temperatures are down as well and the sunshine simply warms the naturally cool forest. If you are looking to escape from a hot and humid home for some cool mountain weather, our canyon offers the perfect respite from summer heat. While lower elevations necessitate air conditioning, our lofty 7,500-foot location above sea-level means we have jacket-weather all year round!

DSC_0028Another wonderful benefit of the rising rainfall is the effect it has upon the Animas River which flows through our property. Because of the delightfully wet spring here in the mountains and the heavy snowmelt, the Animas River reached a peak height in early June unmatched since 2006. Not only does a full river mean a healthy forest, but it also sponsors countless activities in the Durango area. From river rafting to Soaring over the Animas River multiple times, there are many ways to enjoy the beauty and power of this mountain river. There is no better place to be in the heat of July and August than in the midst of our cool alpine getaway. With the longest zip line course in the world at 27 spans, Soaring is the perfect vacation for the entire family… and for all generations! Call and book your reservation today!