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Durango Zip Line Reviews

Durango Zip Line Reviews

A well-thought-out formal letter of appreciation will follow later but I could not let the evening pass without telling you how much Karen and I enjoyed our day with you and your staff. What professional, caring, and competent people you are! And you have certainly surrounded yourself with like-minded staff! What an idyllic setting! And what a wonderful design and execution with the Soaring Adventure! I can’t think of anything that would have made our day better except to string more of them together. Your personal attention was a priceless surprise that meant more than you can imagine to us. Thank you so much.”

Dick Hime
Raymore Outdoor Sports

“Soaring provides a great sense of freedom and connection with the environment. It appeals to your inner child feeling like the first time I was able to ride a bike on 2 wheels. Soaring brings magic to your spirit by being able to fly like a bird amongst the trees. The biggest surprise was that such a well engineered and fun adventure was so close to home. It is like flying with the birds and your heart races with excitement for the next run. I am an adventurist, so I could hardly wait for each new run as each one is distinctively different – from the helicopter crane lifting you 80+ feet into the tree tops, to soaring over the Animas River. You just have to experience it. I can’t wait to come back and do this again.”

Jay Balducci, 39, Phoenix, AZ

“Everybody should be lucky enough to experience Soaring in their lifetime.”

Marie Nordling

“I can’t believe I got to “soar,” and I’m so impressed with what you’ve created up there–without harming the forest! I never experienced a moment of unease because it was so obvious safety was your #1 concern. It was all made even more fun because of your staff’s and your friendliness. We’re so lucky to have you in La Plata County!”

Sheryl Ayers
La Plata County Commissioner

Spectacular scenery
Open sky
Amazing heights
Ready, set, fly,
It’s fantastic
No fear allowed
Great trees.

Poem by Kearney Thompson, Sun Valley, CA, age 8

“Soaring was very safe, it wasn’t scary. It was invigorating. It’s great to be able to do something different that others don’t do at this age. It’s good to have experiences that might be a little challenging to help build confidence in yourself. As we get older get more risk sensitive. Trying new things helps with self-esteem at any age. Everyone should try it to have a better feeling about themselves. ”

Gene Lunger, Richmond VA, age 68
(former Marine aviator and longtime steelworker in construction)

“Soaring is an adrenaline rush. It’s very exciting. It’s a great experience and even if you’re a little bit afraid of heights you should do it.”

Jessica Platt, Lordstown, Ohio, age 17

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5-Star Soaring Experience

Fun For All Ages.

At Soaring Colorado zip line tours, we have accommodated guests who are anywhere from 4 to 94 years old.  Voted the BEST zip line. Our unique, safe and family-friendly zip line has been named the number one

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Durango Zip Line Reviews

What a great experience! Personalized service and very professionally run. You can tell that the people working at the resort truly enjoy what they do. I always felt safe and never hesitated to jump!”

Trip Advisor Review  |  Scottsdale, Arizona
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